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From its origins as a prestigious artist co-operative in New York, celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2008, the Phoenix Gallery has evolved into a community-oriented center for all the arts. Founded in 1958, during the "Tenth Street" days, the gallery now has artist-members from around the world, all dedicated to the highest level of professionalism. Each brings his/her own unique style and vision to the diverse group that makes up the Phoenix Gallery. These artists, all carefully chosen for membership by Phoenix artist peers, work in all media and create art that encompasses and reflects wide cultural and ethnic interests. The Phoenix Gallery is seeking 5 new artist members. Please see artist opportunities for information about the different types of artists memberships.

Each construction approx. 24”x7”x5”

This body of work is in celebration of same-sex marriages. I believe in love and I believe in marriage.
I also must confess to have had no feeling about the need for these legal marriages until 9/11.
Compounding the horror of the day, I was horrified when I learned that many couples, some of which were life partners, were denied any benefits as surviving mates. In some cases, unknowing or unfeeling parents did not even include these loved ones in funeral arrangements not to mention the many who were evicted from their homes and questioned about possessions.
So, in celebration of the Supreme Court’s decision for the legalization of same sex marriages, I have created these mixed media vignettes.
With or without the permission of Mattel, my Barbies and Kens are a happy and legal lot.

Pamela Bennett Ader is a longstanding artist and past president of the Phoenix Gallery. Please join us on November 5 from 6-8 to meet Pam and enjoy her newest installations.