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Current Show

Laufey Vilhjalmsdottir Bustany: WILD FLOWERS

April 1-25, 2015
Reception: April 2, 6-8 pm

Laufey Vilhjalmsdottir Bustany: WILD FLOWERS

Hollyhocks, oil on linen, 60"x 80"

"And all the field’s blossoms in many hundred shades Stood drooping (in the sunshine), pair by pain."*--Birger Sjoberg
I have most often painted subjects related to my native Iceland, and other seemingly far off places, but here I was drawn to focus on a particular landscape closer to my adopted US home—The National Great Swap. I visited the swamp in early August when hollyhocks were in bloom, and again in late September as the ragweed and asters were competing to tallness, and other wildflowers were going to seed. It has taken me decades to focus on this home, somehow having been captured not only by the light and poetry of the Arctic where I grew up, but also certain political ideas and movements, notions of exile and personal/national identity, and the ways of capturing them, respectively, in abstract and/or realistic forms.

*From the Swedish poem/song "Den forsta gang Jag sag dig" 'First time I ever saw you.'- Fridas Visor


The universal decorative use of diamonds and triangles interests me. Native American blankets, African textiles, New Guinea shields, all have repetitive use of these elements. In my paintings I am using triangles and diamonds to investigate depth, flatness, movement and the force of color. This series is painted with oil paints on heavy-duty watercolor paper, which has been gessoed black. All paintings are 7 feet by 20”. They may be hung vertically or horizontally, individually or in combinations.